The Arab world in Revolution(s)

The project

The Arab World in Revolution(s)

“The Arab world in revolution(s)” wants to capture the change in Arab countries as a unique moment in history, and give Arab people a voice. This is the first time that ARTE has been involved in a long-term cross-media project, for which all ARTE program units contribute to a common effort to create an innovative platform with different linear and non-linear media outputs. In the next months, we’ll stay close to the people and events, especially when they are no longer topical issues or eventful enough for other media to cover.

Besides presenting the different on-air projects in which ARTE is involved – on a special dedicated TV program page – the platform offers multiple, exclusive online content, published on a daily basis. A horizontal interactive timeline curates all the video content available.

Generation Revolution – Paving the way for freedom, a video series,  goes out to meet the men and women who have shaken up and revolutionized the Arab world, seen by so many as bogged down in nepotism, corruption and the unyielding control of religion. Six months after the revolution in the Arab World began, Generation Revolution retraces the paths of freedom. From the Maghreb to the Machrek, ARTE, in association with What’s up productions, goes out to meet the people and share their combat for freedom. A journey lasting several months through countries that succeeded in getting rid of their dictators, those that are trying to do so and those that are gradually slipping into civil war. (March 2011 – March 2012)

Generation Revolution – Everyday Rebellion portraits is another character driven video series. The portraits are realized by the same filmakers as for the documentary “Everyday Rebellion” (aired on ARTE in 2013). It’s all about the power of the peaceful protests and the new forms of civil disobedience in a time of global upheavel. Up to ten portraits will be published till beginning 2013.

Under Journal 2.0 you’ll find complementary content like interviews, blogs, analyzed articles,  caricatures and much more.