The Arab world in Revolution(s)

8 March, 8 women – Arab Women’s Petition for Dignity and Equality

08 March


One year after the revolutions several European media call to sign the « Arab Women’s Petition for Dignity and Equality », written by 8 women from Tunisia, Egypte, Libya, Syria and Algeria. Supported by France Inter, Le Monde, La Repubblica, la Stampa and El Païs.

This petition can be signed by every citizen. It will be handed over to the President of the European Council at the next summit of EU heads of state in Brussels, the 25th May 2012.

Sign the petition


The 8 women, authors oft the „Arab Women’s Petition for Dignity and Equality“

Souhayr Belhassen, President FIDH, Tunisian
Bochra Belhadj Hmida, advocate, cofounder and ex-president of the “Association tunisienne des femmes démocrates”, Tunisian
Shahinaz Abdel Salam, blogger and activist, Egyptian
Nawal El Saadawi, psychiatrist, feminist writer and activist, Egyptian
Tahani Rached, filmmaker, Egyptian
Samar Yazbek, writer, Syrian
Azza Kamel Maghur, international advocate and member of Libya‘s Human Rights Council, Libyan
Wassila Tamzali, feminist, essayist, Algerian


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